LANDSTUHL, Germany –Spc. Brayden Bex plays a key role in the Army Health System’s fight against COVID-19. Bex, a medical laboratory specialist, is currently processing and extracting COVID-19 samples for virology within the Infectious Disease Laboratory at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, which enables expedited testing.“I’m helping to keep our military community safe by providing quick and accurate results for COVID-19 samples as they come in,” said Bex. “This directly impacts the movement and readiness posture of our service members who serve globally.”LRMC’s Infectious Disease Laboratory provides a full spectrum of COVID-19 testing capability for the European theater and beyond. The lab offers routine and special microbiology testing, mycobacteriology and mycology testing, parasitology testing, virology testing and conducts disease surveillance testing for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.As coronavirus spread throughout Europe, Bex was augmented from the Kaiserslautern Army Health Clinic to assist virology. He said he looks for opportunities to grow professionally.“I have been given the privilege to be part of this COVID-19 virology team and work through complex testing which is greater than my typical scope of work,” said Bex. “This has shown me the impact of my job on the healthcare system.”Bex, originally from Alexandria, Kentucky, joined the Army to be a part of something bigger than himself.“The best part of being in the Army is the comradery and the opportunities the Army gives you,” he said.Medical laboratory specialists conduct tests on blood, tissue, and bodily fluids of the patients they help serve. The work they perform aids nurses and doctors in making a proper diagnosis. There is also an emphasis on using lab work to help with not only treatment, but prevention of diseases.“I contribute to overall Army readiness by performing COVID-19 testing and assisting with data collection for future dissection that could lead to a possible change in how we approach training, transportation, and our daily lives,” said Bex.LRMC is the only forward-stationed medical center for U.S. and coalition forces, Department of State personnel, and repatriated U.S. citizens. LRMC is the largest U.S. hospital outside the United States where it serves as the sole military medical center for more than 205,000 beneficiaries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.Regional Health Command Europe is responsible for the health care, public health, dental and veterinary services for Soldiers, their families and Department of Defense beneficiaries throughout Europe. For more information, visit