Expect to See Improvements When You PCS

By Army G-4June 10, 2020

The Army has created several new Permanent Change of Station (PCS) policies and initiatives intended to make it easier and less stressful for Soldiers and Civilians to relocate to their next duty station.

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They are:

•  Increased lead time of PCS orders, in most cases to 120 days prior to report date.

•  Established the Army Relocation Advisory Committee to identify and resolve PCS issues affecting Soldiers, Civilians, and Families.

•  Developed the app, “Army PCS Move,” to serve as a central hub of information on entitlements, types of moves, how to plan or schedule a move, claims, and more. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

•  Provided dislocation allowance prior to PCS to assist with relocation expenses.

•  Hiring more quality assurance inspectors (to include military spouses) to meet or exceed the Department of Defense inspection standards.

•  Implemented standards-based quality assurance inspections and use of newly created checklists to provide consistency in the way inspections are completed.

•  Required new safety and security guidelines for moving companies that include mandatory background checks of all employees who interact with Army Families, on and off installations.

•  Increased the Personally Procured Move incentive to 100 percent of the government constructed cost to move, allowing more flexibility to schedule moves.

These improvements are a part of the Chief of Staff of the Army’s people first philosophy and the Army’s pursuit of innovative initiatives to enhance the quality of life of Army families.

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