Chaplain (LTC) Terrell Jones is the 20th CBRNE Command Chaplain. The below article is part of his new series of storytelling to show and tell about the activities and talents Soldiers have been accomplishing while social distancing.

SPC Wheeler demonstrates vocal skills
SPC Nathaniel Ahmir Wheeler, a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialist used the military as a way to have better life opportunities. He has been demonstrating his artistic skills while maintaining DoD social distancing guidelines. (Photo Credit: Chaplain (LTC) Jones) VIEW ORIGINAL

SPC Nathaniel Ahmir Wheeler, a native of Bronx, New York, brings a sparkle into every room he walks into that draws people to him. Serving as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialist for two years, SPC Wheeler used the military as a way to have better life opportunities.

But SPC Wheeler is much more than just a CBRN Specialist. Outside of his uniform, Wheeler’s passions for writing, singing and dancing have allowed him to enhance his life and begin his military career.

“The military was a way out for me,” said Wheeler. “The world back home was a dark place, and joining the military afforded me the opportunity to expand my world as well as a way to build on myself and leave the Bronx.”

His number one passion though is singing.

“Chaplain, now that [singing] is my true passion,” Wheeler said.

When Wheeler was a little boy, he and his mom would listen to music together and he would always sing along. Family and friends would compliment him on his voice, reinforcing his love for musical arts.

Wheeler said that his singing and music production allows his creativity to come out in ways that challenge him and allow him to feel vulnerable. An avid fan of jazz music, Wheeler loves the collective improvisation found in jazz singers like Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, as well as pop singers like Michael Jackson.

Wheeler knows his life would not have been the same without having such an artistic side. Wheeler's soulful voice can be heard here.

Wheeler is a great example of someone who is taking control of his world despite the times we are living in. He understands that if he can control his thinking, he can mold his perception towards a positive vs. negative future.