FORT POLK, La. — Opening the deployment ceremony for the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk’s 383rd Modular Movement Control Team, 519th Military Police Battalion on June 1 at 10 a.m., 1st Lt. Madalyn Larch, unit movement officer, extended her gratitude to the Soldiers and said, “These heroes have successfully completed their training and are prepared to secure their place in history alongside every other Soldier who has ever fought our nation’s wars.”Brig. Gen. Patrick D. Frank, commander, JRTC and Fort Polk, and Lt. Col. Shawn C. Keller, commander, 519th MP Bn, were guest speakers. Due to COVID-19 social-distancing and mask requirements, Families and fellow Soldiers were not in attendance.The 383rd MMCT’s 21 Soldiers are deploying into Africa Command’s area of responsibility “to expedite, coordinate and supervise transportation support of units, cargo and personnel into and through air and water ports,” said Capt. Tiara Knotts, commander, 383rd MMCT.Discussing her team’s unique qualities Knotts said, “we are a small group with 21 service members — we are designed to execute five movement control missions.An MCT can breakdown into two- to three-person teams and still function without the entire group. Being modular allows the MCT to be flexible; we can be employed at various locations and in a variety of configurations to meet mission demands.”Keller, the first guest speaker, thanked Sgt. 1st Class Marketa Pearson (383rd MMCT acting 1st Sgt.) for “ensuring our Warriors continue to stand tall in support of our great battalion and our nation.”Highlighting the team’s extensive training and preparations, Keller remarked on their readiness to deploy.“Standing before you are 21 of your Fort Polk teammates, Soldiers and warriors. They’ve honed their skills and perfected their craft. From being poked and prodded by the Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital teams, to the small-arms qualifications, squad and team live-fires and, just a week ago, training with the Air Force at Barksdale Air Force Base — these Soldiers are ready to deploy,” he said.Keller continued by promising that the Soldiers’ Families would be cared for during their deployment.“To the Soldiers and your Families who will remain behind, it is my pledge to you that if they need something all they have to do is say something,” he said.In his closing remarks, Keller expressed his excitement and pride for the MCT.“Captain Knotts and Sergeant First Class Pearson, I’m excited for you and your team. I look forward to hearing about the great things you’ll be doing. I’m proud of each and every one of you — stay safe, watch out for your battle buddies and God speed,” he said.The next to speak at the podium was Frank. He said that the formation reminded him of the “old guard,” as he conveyed his sense of pride for the team.“Captain Knotts, I’m exceptionally proud of your team. This movement control team is the best one in the Army,” he said.Frank said that he was sad to see them go as JRTC heavily relies on the MCT to move large numbers of Soldiers into and out of the JRTC training area or “box.”“You guys are the most trained MCT in the Army. There is nobody that matches the standards set by your team at each rotation here at JRTC,” he said.“You do your real-world mission all the time. That’s how I know AFRICOM and General (Stephen J.) Townsend are getting the best,” he said.“I am exceedingly proud of this team. You guys look great today. I know AFRICOM is excited to get you on their team.”