Philip Cook, deputy division chief of Intelligence and Security for the Program Executive Office – Missiles and Space, knows a thing or two about security threats. He has been in “the security biz” for almost 30 years and it’s his job is to worry about potential threats so the rest of the workforce can focus on their missions.“My job involves protecting the workforce from threats that range from terrorism to bad weather and – most recently – COVID-19,” Cook said. “If the workforce doesn’t feel comfortable and the environment they work in every day is not as safe as we can make it, the direct support they provide to the Soldier could suffer.”For the last 10 years, Cook has worked for the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command’s Intelligence and Security Directorate. He is currently matrixed to PEO Missiles and Space providing a wide range of multidiscipline security support to the workforce who develop, field and sustain missile and space systems for Army, joint and coalition warfighters. These systems help provide a decisive battlefield advantage for U.S. Soldiers defending the nation around the world.“Mr. Cook is a dedicated security professional who has in-depth knowledge and experience in all security disciplines, particularly in Information Security, Industrial Security, Personnel Security, and Physical Security,” said Susan Bradshaw, chief of Intelligence and Security, PEO Missiles and Space.As the physical security officer, Cook works to ensure all security requirements are met for PEO Missiles and Space buildings, to include the new Gateway building under constructed near Redstone Arsenal’s Gate 9. Additionally, he has excelled in preparing the workforce for possible workplace threats, according to Bradshaw.“He is very proactive in providing active shooter/active assailant training to the PEO workforce, to include briefings and hands-on scenario training. His training has been held in such high regard in the community that outside organizations have contacted him and requested the training for their employees,” Bradshaw said.Cook takes great pride in the program he and his team have developed to educate the workforce on active-shooter preparedness.“A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to get certified as an active-shooter [response] trainer by a nationally recognized civilian training organization,” Cook said. “Since then, I along with my team, developed and implemented training designed for PEO Missile and Space. I have had the privilege of providing this training to several other Army and civilian organizations, as well”Most of all, Cook enjoys interacting with the people in PEO Missiles and Space while furthering the Army’s missions and capabilities.“My favorite part of the job on a daily basis is interacting with the people,” Cook said. “I get to work in several of the protection program elements from [Continuity of Operations] to Antiterrorism, all of which require regular interaction with many of the employees supporting PEO MS. In particular, I am leading a team to ensure that all of the security requirements are addressed in a manner that will allow [PEO MS] to continue supporting the warfighter without any lapses or degradation in the quality of our products.”Editor’s note:The PEO Missiles and Space Headquarters Security Office provides security guidance to the PEO senior leadership and the staff pertaining to Information Security, Industrial Security, Personnel Security, Communication Security, Physical Security, Foreign Disclosure, Counterintelligence, Force Protection and Antiterrorism. The Headquarters Security Office also coordinates with the Security Managers at the Project-Office level concerning security support to their acquisition programs in order to protect cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the Headquarters Security Office addresses broader security issues with higher headquarters, such as Headquarters Department of the Army G2 (Intelligence and Security), and Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, in the effort to support the warfighter in the field with state-of-the-art weapon systems.