FORT KNOX, Ky. — Knox Hills’ Yard of the Month contest begins this month and will continue through September, but before beginning any beautification projects, housing officials urge residents to follow post landscaping regulations.The rules for the contest are congruent with installation regulations and The Knox Hills Resident Guide, which include dig restrictions designed to prevent injury.“We encourage our residents who enjoy working outdoors to plant flowers and to raise a garden, but we do have guidelines to follow,” said John Bredehoeft, project director for Knox Hills. “[Our] regulations keep everyone safe. We don’t want residents to accidentally strike electric or gas utility lines.”Bredehoeft said Fort Knox is older than many of the codes requiring deeper utility lines, and as a result, regulations prohibit the planting of trees and shrubs on the Army post to prevent digging required to plant them.“Additionally, residents are asked to fill out our dig permit prior to digging any holes in their yards [to avoid] underground utilities that might be closer to ground level than expected,” he said.He said the dig permit form may be downloaded from the Knox Hills website, or found by contacting any of the community offices directly.Residential landscaping is encouraged, however. The resident guide states decorative flowers may be planted in pre-existing landscaped areas, and flower bed borders can be created using stones or pavers. Flowering bushes may be planted in flowerpots, and flowering vines may grow on a trellis that is not affixed to the home.The guide further states residents may create yard art using lights and statues as long they don’t prevent lawn service teams from trimming or cutting the grass.Gardens must be raised and be 4 feet by 4 feet with walls no more than 10 inches high and positioned in the back yard."We don’t want residents to accidentally strike electric or gas utility lines.” ~ John Bredehoeft, project director for Knox Hills, about why residents are not authorized to plant trees and bushesFlowers planted in previously landscaped areas may be left by departing residents, but the resident guide states additional decorations or raised beds should be removed and the areas restored to their previous condition prior to residents departing.Bredehoeft said the Knox Hills’ self-help program remains available for anyone wanting to beautify their yard.“We provide residents with a variety of items through our self-help program to help them maintain a beautiful lawn,” Bredehoeft said. “Residents can simply contact their community office for pre-filled bags of grass seed. … We are currently delivering it to their doorsteps because of COVID-19, but that will discontinue once the installation returns to HPCON Level Bravo.”He also said Knox Hills customers can find free mulch from the maintenance warehouse located at 144 South Conroy. Those interested in the mulch need to provide their own containers to transport the mulch.“Military life can bring constant moves, and we offer our residents options to add their own personal touch,” Bredehoeft said. “We want them to feel proud of their Knox Hills home.”_______________________________________________________________Editor’s Note: The Oak Park Community Office is located at 101 S. Brett and can be reached at 502-799-6580. The North/South Dietz Community Office is located at 75 Estrada Ave. and can be reached at 502-799-6570. The Historic Community Office is located 41 W. Chaffee Ave. and can be reached at 502-799-6560. The Knox Hills Maintenance Warehouse is located at 144 S. Conroy Ave. and can be reached at 502-799-6565.