FORT SILL, Okla., June 4, 2020 -- Cerberus Battery, 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery conducted a unique physical training session May 29, on Medicine Bluffs on Fort Sill.The Soldiers, unaware of the entirety of the task, were equipped with their weapon, protective mask, and a hand-painted rock in their rucksacks. Capt. Jordan Henrickson briefed the mission, and then Cerberus Battery split into four teams and began the steep ascent to the first bluff at sunrise.The command team of Cerberus Battery, Henrickson and 1st Sgt. Jason Abitua, always seeks to change the culture by taking care of Soldiers while pushing them mentally and physically.Henrickson began planning for a run along the hills of the Medicine Bluffs early in 2020 before COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, this was the first battery physical training session since February.At the end of the running route, there was a locked box rigged with candy and diet soda. To unlock it, Soldiers had to pick up clues along the route that would help them decode a message.The message would enable Soldiers to choose the right keys to open the box.In addition, the box held vials of red and blue liquids that had to be combined to complete the task. According to Henrickson’s overall storyline, the combined vials would be a cure for a virus. Ironically, his idea sprouted before COVID-19, but once the pandemic came about, he added a new detail to the story: the vials would be a cure for the pandemic.After solving the code, Cerberus Battery walked down the bluffs, through the woods, and across a creek to lay their hand-painted rocks at Cerberus Point. Henrickson wanted to provide a way for present and future Cerberus Soldiers to remember those who came before them while also forwarding the legacy of Cerberus Battery.Cerberus Battery is Pvt. Herman Palacios’s first unit. He said that even though his family is in Guam, Cerberus feels like family to him.Despite being exhausted running up and down hills with his protective mask donned and accidentally sitting on a cactus, Palacios said the session taught him that they all needed to work together to accomplish a task.Palacios said his favorite part was walking down the hill to Cerberus Point, laughing and smiling with his teammates. He laid a black rock engraved with his rank and name.When Spc. Wesley Thao was instructed to paint a small rock gold, he thought it was a crazy idea. Regardless, he painted it and wrote his name and rank on it.He said he enjoyed the run because of the unique location, which many Soldiers never have the chance to enjoy. It was difficult for him, though, especially since he was tasked with carrying a water jug.In spite of the challenge, Thao said he felt the event was something special, and the rock made sense when he learned that he would lay it at Cerberus Point.“Cerberus Battery is definitely a special place,” Thao said. “We do different things.”Spc. Bryan Ickes said it felt good to see everyone together again and the event inspired him to be a leader so he can ensure his future Soldiers have training sessions that are fun, different, and motivating.Abitua said it was gratifying to see Cerberus Battery together again and to watch his Soldiers excel.He and Henrickson were especially surprised by how quickly the Soldiers ran up the hills.At the end, Abitua laid his rock alongside his Soldiers’ rocks. In addition to his rank, name, and call sign, he also wrote, “Best job I ever had!”“You’ll be Cerberus forever,” Abitua said, “no matter where you go.”What’s next for Cerberus Battery?Battery leaders are in the planning stage to focus on basic soldiering skills and to conduct a field training exercise in September, said Henrickson.