Mask Refitters
RRAD Commander Col. Stephen M. York thanks ladies from the 1st Bikers Church of Texarkana for reconstructing 4,000 masks for depot employees. (Photo Credit: Freida Barron) VIEW ORIGINAL

RED RIVER ARMY DEPOT, Texas - Just as many essential organizations, Red River Army Depot needed masks for their employees to help stop the spread of COVID-19 -- and the depot needed them quick.

Following the donation of masks by local furniture company, Mayo Manufacturing, the depot purchased more masks through a Department of Defense source. Though great in quality, the fit of the masks needed a slight change to accommodate the unique needs of depot employees.

That’s when the 1st Bikers Church of Texarkana stepped in to help.

Five ladies with sewing machines set out on a mission to give each mask a new fit. Betty Walker, Josefine Cox, Pat Skeleton, Glenda Davison and Vicki Greer spent only a little over two weeks reconstructing (un-seaming, installing nose pieces and re-sewing) 4,000 masks.

“You helped Red River to stay on board during this pandemic,” said RRAD Commander Col. Stephen M. York as he spoke to the group. “Over the last two months, we have had 100% mission completion. Our team members were able to continue working and be the most productive depot in the last 90 days due to you all refitting these masks for us.”

The ladies created an assembly line process and each were given a specific task to get the masks back to depot as quickly as possible.

“You ladies are truly an A-team and we can’t thank you enough for your efforts to support the entire Red River workforce,” said York.