A youth from Fort Knox’s Devers Middle School and Teen Center coordinated with Child & Youth Services here started a YouTube-based exercise regimen to inspire kids to keep moving despite COVID-19 social distancing restrictions and overall lack of available recreation opportunities.Fredre’oni Terrado, turned a challenge to find ways to connect with and motivate other teens into a successful five-week online exercise program that continues to grow and evolve.“She started this program because [the pandemic] stopped all the programming and ideas that we’d planned for the center,” said Tessarose Cepe, lead child and youth program assistant at Devers and Fredre’oni’s mentor. “We challenged the youth to come up with ideas that we could push out to other youth to keep them engaged with their peers.“She developed “Five to Thrive” because no one could come to the center or go to the gym, and she wanted them to focus on their physical health.”Cepe said that Terrado was following the training that she’s received at the center.“She’s a part of the Keystone Leadership Club and we focus on community service, outreach academic excellence and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said Cepe. “This is far and away beyond anything I expected, and she’s even getting the whole family involved.”Initially, the 15-year-old performed the exercises herself, but quickly learned she could reach more children by employing her nine-year-old sister, KatieSue.Cepe said the new exercise program can provide a much needed outlet for families stuck inside together.“[Everyone] being home can be exhausting, but this is a way to do something that’s physically demanding where they have to work together,” said Cepe. “There’s a special focus on siblings that helps them to bond by [accomplishing] something together.”Fredre’oni said that she’s found that getting families moving together can get everyone moving in the right direction.“Physical activity is really helpful to your overall health and releases endorphins that help people to de-stress and to feel better,” Fredre’oni said. “We want to keep the entire family active and doing this together to stay healthy and active at home.“Exercise helps us stay positive, and the family is there to cheer you on and it just creates a more positive atmosphere.”KatieSue said that the -workouts have brought cohesion between siblings at her house.“We’re not just sitting around all day and not doing anything,” she said. “Our whole family is active. This is our family time, and we have fun with it.”NOTE: Past workout videos can be viewed on YouTube by searching for Five to Thrive, Fort Knox Middle School and Teen Center.New videos are posted every day at 5 p.m. on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnYLk2hlpOlj7PFwrllyQhyVAvpCb3hpVand Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Fort-Knox-Middle-School-and-Teen-Center-105865256128814/