BANDUNG, Indonesia - Approximately 86 engineers from the Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Ankatan Darat, or Indonesian Army, and the 624th Engineer Battalion (Vertical), Utah Army National Guard marked the completion of three Humanitarian Civic Assistance projects with ceremonies at the sites June 28.

"I hope this dedication marks the first of many, many projects in Indonesia," said Lt. Gen Benjamin R. Mixon, commander, U.S. Army, Pacific. "The cooperation (between the US and Indonesia) sets a good example for the world."

Construction on all three projects began at the beginning of June. The projects consisted on two baby care clinics and a public restroom.

Tentara Nasional Indonesia- Angkatan Laut, or Indonesian Navy Vice Admiral Y. Didik Heru Purnomo, the head of general staff for the Indonesian Armed Forces shared Mixon's thoughts and said these projects were not only good for relations between the two countries, but would help the communities they were built in.

"These projects help everyone here," he said. "The will help bring prosperity to the people."
The engineers worked together for 25 days to complete these projects, which are a part of Garuda Shield 2009.

The two-week exercise brought together Soldiers and Marines from nine Nations to train on the UN mandated ground-level tasks. GS09 is the latest in a continuing series of exercises designed to promote regional peace and security. The focus of training was peace Support Operations and Global Peace Operation Initiative Certification, a Command Post Exercise, a Field Training exercise and Humanitarian and Civic Assistance Projects.

The exercise closes June 29.