WIESBADEN, Germany - In a gesture of German-American friendship and partnership, German Navy veteran and reservist Michael Müller and his business partner Klaus Novak donated 2,600 face shields to the Wiesbaden Red Cross May 28.The face shields are produced by their company, Protection International, and can be washed and reused. The shields look like a clear visor that comes down over the eyes, nose and mouth and are used to reduce transmission of aerosol droplets between people.“Receiving these masks from our host nation friends is a true sign of friendship,” said Regan Jefferson, Wiesbaden Red Cross program manager. “These face shields are being distributed throughout our community to help protect the members of our community who cannot socially distance themselves from others, due to the nature of their jobs. They will be used in places across our Garrison like the child-care facilities and post office, as well as shopping and food service locations. The American Red Cross truly appreciates the gift and support of the local community as we all work to stop the spread of the coronavirus so that our world can return to normal.”