ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- In the South, college football is the king of the sports world. Many football programs in the state of Alabama are at the top of their respective conferences, year in and year out.I am sure if we asked each coach the one thing setting their program apart from others around the country they would say the culture surrounding their team.The culture of a successful college football program can be similar to a successful safety program.We have all watched teams fail to work well together on the field – with missed blocks, dropped passes or missed tackles.These are all things taught throughout practices, but are still problems on the field.When a team works well together and everyone is on the same page, we start to see success.The effectiveness of a safety program can viewed the same way.Each person at Anniston Army Depot has a responsibility, within the safety program, to work safely while on the job. With everyone working together to enhance our safety program, we will see these efforts pay off.The depot is currently participating in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Challenge program. This program lays out steps to create a safe work environment.Management and employee involvement is the driving force in seeing these tasks to completion.The key elements for success are participation, communication and accountability.Participation in everyday tasks, such as self-inspections of work areas, tracking hazards to abatement and continually updating job hazard analyses are ways each team member can get involved.The communication of safety related information is essential in notifying the workforce of safety hazards, documentation updates and regulations while working at the depot.Finally, accountability is necessary within a team to achieve any goal.It is everyone’s responsibility to correct a safety issue. If you see something, say something.With these key elements in mind, ANAD’s safety program will continually improve and mitigate the hazards endangering the workforce.Remember, safety culture involves every individual within the organization doing the little things every day to accomplish a bigger safety goal.As a team, we can accomplish the mission of overall safety improvement at the depot.