on the most important social relationship – the family.“If an individual has not been working on these strengths, their [resilience] is diminished and they will have to work harder to maintain equilibrium in life.”Emary said anyone facing an addiction or relapse into addiction needs to know that the situation isn’t as bleak as it might seem.“[Most] help centers and support groups did not close their doors,” he said. “Local groups and professionals in Hardin County may have changed their routines and way of business, but [many] still offer online tools to connect, and some still offer standard meetings with limited attendees.”________________________________________________Editor’s Note: Behavioral Health/SUDCC and the EAP programs provide confidential assistance through email, phone calls and scheduled consultations. If you need assistance, call SUDCC at 502-626-9892 or EAP at 502-624-8361. Voicemail is monitored many times throughout a day.