CENTRAL, N.C. - North Carolina Army National Guard (NCARNG) Soldiers work alongside North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) during a Personal Protective Equipment distribution in Central N.C., May 19, 2020.Soldiers from various units across North Carolina including: the 1450th and the 1454th Transportation Company, the 878th and the 875th Engineer Company, the 505th Forward Support Company, the 505th Headquarters and Headquarters Company, the 196th Signal Company, and the 1133rd Transportation Company, combined their efforts to help keep the community safe from COVID-19.“This is a difficult time during COVID-19...so we feel proud to help make their lives better,” said Master Sgt. Luis Quiroz, assigned to HHC 636th Brigade Support Battalion. “We feel proud to be able to serve the citizens of NC.”The NCARNG helped distribute PPE, such as face masks and gloves, to long term care facilities from approximately 10 counties.The NCARNG and NCEM utilized a local coliseum as a distribution point that proved to be an effective location that provided space for personnel to set up and distribute a large amount of PPE. The long line of vehicles were able to easily maneuver through the stations and get their equipment in a timely fashion.“I worked with the (NCARNG) last Friday,” said Robin Dail, Area 7 Coordinator for NCEM. “We had a quick set up and it ran very well.”The Soldiers began the process at around 0600-0700 in the morning to receive and inventory equipment, and set up stations to allow members of the long term care facilities to drive through and pick up the PPE.Through this process, Soldiers do their part to ensure NCEM is able to effectively help the community and get the proper equipment to local facilities.“That’s how it works,” Quiroz said. “We’re part of the task force sustainment and we support the mission of the NCEM.”The NG has had a critical impact on NCEM operations and helped make large distributions such as the one here in Central, N.C. possible through providing additional assistance and personnel.“We don’t have enough staff, which is Emergency Management personnel…so having the extra bodies has been great,” Dail said.The NCNG is working with NCEM, N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, Greensboro Fire Department, and local food banks to help support COVID-19 relief efforts.