The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC) is a prestigious U.S. Army organization for non-commissioned officers, whose demonstrated leadership and performance may earn the reward of membership.An NCO, or Sergeant in the grade of E-5 through E-9, is known as the “backbone” of the Army profession.It is their inherent duty to be both technically and tactically proficient, uphold standards and discipline, and to maintain the welfare of the Soldiers and their families.For one NCO, Staff Sgt. Samuel Thaddeus Johnson, a Senior Human Resources Sergeant in the S-1 section of the 10th Headquarters and Special Troops Battalion, 10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade (LI), Fort Drum, NY, found his calling in the U.S. Army.“I come from a military family and I wanted not only to serve my country but to find a more fulfilling job that would challenge me,” said Johnson.Johnson overcame personal challenges in his youth and was inspired by his grandfather, a veteran of World War II, to not let his limitations impede his success in the Army.“He explained to me that the Army has a lot of opportunities and pushed me to go live my dreams," added Johnson.When the chance to further his professional development as an NCO arose, Johnson fully committed to the process.“I had to endure a rigorous selection that included a 5-month study process, an Army Physical Fitness Test, a written test, and appear before a panel of hand-picked Command Sergeants Major and Sergeant Audie Murphy Club members,” said Johnson.Normally, a SAMC candidate would be able to focus solely on preparing for the board, but given his unit’s pending deployment Johnson did not have that luxury.“Between the high demand of my job as the senior Human Resources Sergeant and taking college courses; studying for the SAMC was the most difficult challenge that I have ever taken,” said Johnson.After being inducted into the 10th Mountain Division (LI) SAMC Chapter, Johnson explained what the selection meant to him.I feel that my induction will have a positive effect on Soldiers and NCOs alike, as it will be a beacon of perseverance, hope, mentorship, and unity for all of those that embody the NCO creed, said Johnson.