FORT BENNING, GA – WHINSEC team members responded to the call for assistance on Wednesday, May 13. Students from Ecuador are notified a humanitarian flight would take them back home within fourteen hours. The Faculty and Staff Development Department (FSDD) wanted to guarantee the completion of their course. After leaving for the day, staff from all sections throughout WHINSEC came back to the Institute to assist FSDD with the final evaluations.The Common Faculty Development Instructor Course (CFDIC) was implemented for 35 holdover students who had recently graduated and awaiting travel clearance. As the course was coming to an end, WHINSEC received the word; the Ecuadorian students would be traveling back the next morning. As they were preparing to present their final evaluations the following day, to complete the course, the students were alerted about the travel arrangements. They were to meet a departing flight from Houston, TX. The Ecuadorians would have to leave no later than 8 a.m. on Thursday to grab a connecting flight from Atlanta. The combined effort from 1SG Mario Garcia Carvajal and 1SG John Martinez, Train the Trainer (T3) instructors, evaluated the four students' presentations. The Ecuadorians were able to attain their CFDIC instructor certificate successfully before they left the next morning."We had to work through the evening, but we accomplished the mission. We now have four more CFDIC qualified personnel downrange," commented Major Rogelio Matta, SFDD director.While at WHINSEC, the students from Ecuador took English courses from Columbus Technical College. The same evening they were able to receive their certificate for the English course before they left the next morning.Colonel Walter Navarro, Costa Rica guest instructor (Office of Alumni Relations) stated, “Columbus Technical College has supported us throughout all our changes these past months. We are very grateful to them."