CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea – The U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Housing Briefings give Soldiers arriving here a chance to ask questions, learn about the housing process, and possibly be assigned to a housing unit, all in one briefing.“People coming to Korea are usually pretty anxious and they are concerned about where they are going to live,” said John Jones, the Unaccompanied Housing manager. “One Soldier said the last time he was here, he lived in a Quonset hut. They don’t know what to expect, so the quicker we can get them a room and settled in, the better it is for them.”“Some of the older Soldiers, who were here 10 to 15 years ago, are very impressed with the quality of the housing, compared to what it was then,” he added. “Most of the buildings here are new, so we are looking at many years of quality housing. And, we still have other buildings that will be coming online.”The Housing Briefings are held daily at 11 a.m. (except for the second Thursday each month) in the Housing Office, on the third floor of Maude Hall (Bldg. 6400).“The Unaccompanied Housing Brief, for E7 and above is all-inclusive,” Jones said. “They come in for 30 minutes, they get their keys and they are done.“Staff sergeant (E6) and below, that are unaccompanied Soldiers, do not process through the Housing Office,” Jones said. “Once they finish 19th HRC (Human Resources Company) in-processing, they report to their unit. The unit-assigned Army Barracks Management Program (ABMP) representative takes care of their assignment to a room in one of the unit’s assigned buildings.”The other Housing Office briefing is the Command Sponsored Briefing. It is designed for all Command Sponsored (accompanied) Soldiers.“Command Sponsored Soldiers are assigned to the on-post Army Family Housing (AFH) towers, in an apartment unit corresponding to their approved number of bedrooms,” Jones said. “If occupancy in the towers is above 95 percent for their approved unit size, they are given the option to reside in off-post housing.”The Command Sponsored briefing provides guidance to Soldiers, and their families, on off-post housing, finding a realtor, selecting a home, and lease signing procedures.“If the Soldiers are not happy with their living situation, it is going to affect their job performance,” Jones said. “The better job that we do to get them into quality housing and to make sure that they are satisfied, the better they will be at their job.”