BACH Dietitians launch nutrition mini-series for beneficiaries sheltering at home

By Maria YagerMay 20, 2020

FORT CAMPBELL, KY. -- Blanchfield Army Community Hospital’s Nutrition Care Division representatives launched a four part mini-series to discuss basic nutrition and hydration, nutrition and immunity, fueling for fitness, and dietary supplements. The first segment is about seven minutes long and can be found on the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Facebook Page at

“There are a lot of factors that contribute to a Soldier’s overall readiness and nutrition is certainly one of them. We wanted to produce the series to continue to educate about nutrition and the different topics that relate to Soldiers and beneficiaries across the military health system. Since we aren’t able to give classes face-to-face like we normally would, this platform allowed us to reach Soldiers and beneficiaries wherever they may be,” said 2nd Lt. Jason Nepa, an Army dietitian at BACH.

Capt. Erica Jarmer, also an Army dietitian at BACH, kicks off the series with an overview of hydration and the USDA MyPlate Food Model. She breaks down the different food groups of vegetables, fruit, grains, protein and dairy and explains the different purpose each serves the human body.

“Nutrition plays a role not only in performance optimization but also mental resiliency, general wellness, and readiness. All of which are incredibly important during this period of increased stress and uncertainty. We want to make sure that as Soldiers are looking forward to the next several months, they are as prepared as possible for whatever training and challenges lie ahead of them,” said Jarmer. “Nutrition and sleep are key components of developing and sustaining lethal warfighters, we hope this series is helpful and are excited to create a way for Soldiers and beneficiaries to reach out to us and start a dialogue.”

Although the video is not live, beneficiaries may ask general questions through the comments section and the team will provide a response within the week. Individual questions may be emailed to the Nutrition Care team at

In the following episodes, Nepa will discuss nutrition’s role in a healthy immune system and explain how nutrition can also play a role in reducing the risk of injuries and helping to prevent chronic diseases. In week three, he shares how proper nutrition can improve performance for the Army Combat Fitness Test and other physically demanding activities.

“Soldiers are like professional athletes -- when properly fueled, they perform at their peak,” said Nepa. Whether it is a quick burst on energy or a long, slow burn, Nepa will navigate followers with the appropriate nutrition needs for success.

Finally in week four, Jarmer will discuss nutrition supplements.

A new segment will be released each week beginning May 20. The videos will also be posted on the hospital’s YouTube Channel, BACH Public Affairs Team, for beneficiaries who are not Facebook users.

Army dietitians have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, dietetics or institution management from an accredited school and are registered through the Commission on Dietetic Registration.