FORT BRAGG, NC – Leaders with the 82nd Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade completed a three-day train the trainer workshop on the Beaver fit Gym-In-A-Box (GiBs) fitness containers,  given by certified strength and conditioning specialist from the Army Wellness Center, May 13-15, on Fort Bragg.The training program is design to provide leaders the basic fundamental exercise knowledge of the equipment and offer foundational tools to develop individualized physical training at the unit, platoon, squad, and team leader level.“As the Army transitions to the Army Combat Fitness Test and the Army moves to a more proficient well- rounded training, it’s important for leaders to understand how to properly do the movements of the strengthening exercises (such as squats, deadlifts, and pressing mechanics) so when they train their Paratroopers they know what to look for and what coaching ques to make when necessary”, said Arron Fick, strength and conditioning specialist, Army Wellness Center.Sgt. 1st Class Jason Cound, 82nd ADSB Human Performance Optimization NCOIC, says it’s important to tap into available resources like the Army Wellness Center and lean on the experience of the certified trainers to get Soldiers to where they need to be in terms of functional fitness.“As leaders we must change our mindset and rid ourselves of old habits we have, when it comes to how we train for physical fitness. We need to embrace a quality well-rounded program fitting with the GiBs we’ve been issued, in order to develop the next Soldier-Athlete”, said Cound.The three-day workshop was well received by 1st Sgt. Rachael Cargill, 178th Signal Company as she described its benefits.“The strength and conditioning workshop is extremely beneficial. The coaches are providing us with techniques and movements to adequately train our paratroopers with the new GiBs we received. These sessions are vital as we develop proper fitness programs that will set our Soldiers up for success”, said Cargill.Fick says The Army Wellness Center program is there to assist leadership in transitioning their approach on physical training to better match performance needs of the Soldier-Athlete and provide logistical solutions that save time in planning and implementing physical fitness.