FORT SILL, Oklahoma (May 14, 2020) -- Staff from Freedom Elementary School and first responders from the Fort Sill Directorate of Emergency Services paraded through post neighborhoods May 8, in celebration of military children.About 50 vehicles began at the school at 1 p.m. and followed a route that took them through virtually all of the Fort Sill housing areas. In the neighborhood, hundreds of families waved, cheered and held hand-made signs in support of teachers. Many of the signs named individual instructors.Teachers returned waves, honked their car horns, and shouted, “I love you, I miss you,” and other words of encouragement to their students.Fort Sill firefighters and police officers manned their respective emergency vehicles with lights flashing and loud hailers blaring to acknowledge the crowds.The parade began at the school and headed to the Buffalo Soldiers Acres neighborhood, then on to Geronimo Acres and Patriot Estates. From Currie Road, the parade went through the Quanah Parker Square neighborhood, then past the PX and commissary, and headed north on Fort Sill Boulevard. The motorcade then turned left on Upton Road, and the parade looped around the White Wolf Manor neighborhood before departing for Academic Heights neighborhood.