REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Army Materiel Command is restructuring medical logistics under a two-star life cycle management command.Army Medical Logistics Command, which is responsible for projecting and sustaining medical materiel capabilities and data, will realign under Army Communications-Electronics Command, effective no earlier than July 1. The transition better enables AMLC to focus on the life cycle management of medical equipment and supplies, and supports Army readiness, said Renee Mosher, AMC director of the Supply Chain Management Directorate, G-3.“AMLC’s mission to deliver and sustain Class VIII medical materiel around the globe is critical, and it will not change with this transition,” Mosher said.Aside from the close proximity of both headquarters in Maryland, CECOM is well positioned to provide life cycle management oversight as AMLC further develops and grows, said Mosher.“The commonality of equipment and similar commodities between medical and electronics can facilitate repair synergies, and CECOM’s experience with Army systems, contracting processes and software engineering will help overcome challenges in integrating Class VIII into the Army enterprise,” she said. “CECOM will enable the pivotal work AMLC is doing, providing strategic oversight and valuable life cycle management expertise.”The AMLC workforce has experienced many changes over the last few years. The Army directed the transfer of Army Medical Research and Materiel Command to AMC Oct. 1, 2018. MRMC later split, with medical research and development missions moving to Army Futures Command and medical logistics functions staying within AMC. The Army re-designated MRMC as MRDC and established AMLC June 1, 2019.“AMC leadership recognize that reporting directly to a four-star headquarters adds requirements on AMLC, which is a small command with a vast mission,” said AMLC Commander Col. Michael Lalor. “By reducing some of those requirements, we can focus AMLC’s resources on growing our command as an LCMC.”Despite the changes, the Army Medical Materiel Agency, Army Medical Materiel Center-Europe and Army Medical Materiel Center-Korea will remain under AMLC.“AMLC remains a critical part of the Army Materiel Command team,” said Mosher.