FORT POLK, La. — Quality of life.Brig. Gen. Patrick D. Frank, commander, Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk, said quality of life is important for an installation like the JRTC and Fort Polk, where Soldiers from across the Army are trained to fight the nation’s wars and help maintain peace around the globe.To provide the best training and forge the Warrior Spirit, JRTC and Fort Polk needs the most qualified Soldiers the Army has to offer to serve as observer/controller/trainers. Frank said the way to do that is to make Fort Polk an installation where Soldiers and their Families want to come.Quality of life.Those words have become a mantra not only at Fort Polk, but across the Army as leadership has opened its collective eyes to the importance of providing “quality of life” to not only Soldiers, but to Family members and the civilian work force as well.While the Army is focused on quality of life at every installation, Fort Polk is one of three Army posts that have been singled out for “quality of life” improvements, along with Fort Irwin, California, home of the National Training Center, and Fort Wainwright, Alaska.Army leaders have identified five priorities to improve quality of life for Soldiers, veterans and their Families: Housing, health care, child care, spouse employment and permanent change of station moves. Their stated hope is that by taking care of Soldiers, they will perform better, stay longer and help make the Army stronger.Already, Fort Polk has seen the effects of the focus on quality of life.Investments have been made to remodel and build new housing units on the installation. Additionally, road and sidewalk improvements and construction have helped to nurture a more neighborhood-friendly atmosphere.Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital continues to provide top-notch care, and according to latest reports, is not among the Army hospitals slated for closure or diminished services.The Army and Air Force Exchange Service has committed to investing in upgrades to the Main Exchange and eating establishments in the Food Court.The Commissary continues to improve its selection of goods and has provided higher quality produce and other perishable goods.Even seemingly insignificant improvements such as a lighted trail through the woods that provides a safer, shorter path for Soldiers walking from the barracks to the PX area is a sign of leadership’s focus on improving quality of life.Col. Ryan K. Roseberry, Fort Polk garrison commander, has stated quality of life improvements should be an area everyone focuses on. He said it’s the least we can do for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day. He also said it’s important those same men and women know their Families are taken care of when they are deployed.Over the next few months the Fort Polk Family will continue to see quality of life improvements to the “Home of Heroes.” On March 27 there is a DoD Military Spouse Career Empowerment Expo at the Warrior Center. Residents and visitors can expect to see upgrades in housing, roads and services, all to increase the quality of life.If you follow some of the Facebook or satire military sites, you might see people taking digs at a Fort Polk assignment. I urge you to disregard those posts from people who base their judgment on what they’ve heard or perhaps saw in years past.Instead, look at what the installation has to offer today. The quality of life at Fort Polk is better than it’s ever been, and is improving daily. An assignment to the “Best Hometown in the Army” is a great career move. Just ask those who are here today.