LAURENS, Iowa – John Fansega, Mikenzy Fansega and Noah Anderson, a father and two siblings from Laurens, have the unique opportunity to serve their community as a family. All three are in the Iowa National Guard. John Fansega is a psychiatric nurse; Mikenzy Fansega and Noah Anderson are studying to become nurses as well.“Serving with my family is interesting because it’s something we have in common,” said Spc. Mikenzy Fansega, a fire control specialist with the 1st Battalion, 194th Field Artillery.Her father, Capt. John Fansega, the assistant effects coordinator for the 1st Battalion, 194th Field Artillery, has served in the Iowa National Guard since 1996 and been deployed three times. He also serves as a nurse on the civilian side. His children grew up seeing their father serve his country and community. Both Mikenzy and Noah decided to follow in their father’s footsteps in both the military and nursing.“It’s something we relate on and can talk about,” said Spc. Noah Anderson, a combat medic specialist with the 1st Squadron, 113th Cavalry Regiment.Noah serves as a medical professional both in the National Guard and in his civilian life.“Being a medic has helped me a lot in nursing school,” said Noah. “I had a lot of knowledge prior to everything.”Like so many others, members of this family have been forced to adjust their lives because of COVID-19. Due to their chosen careers on the front line, they have to keep working through the pandemic. Noah and Mikenzy are finishing their first year of nursing school. COVID-19 forced them to switch to online classes to complete their semesters.“My older sister is a (certified nursing assistant) CNA at a nursing home here in Laurens,” said Noah. “She’s been going to work and dealing with the precautions.”This time has certainly been challenging for many people, but families like this have risen to the occasion and continue to serve their community and country. John Fansega, Mikenzy Fansega and Noah Anderson are examples of selfless service in their military careers and civilian lives.“Being a nurse, you’re there for people on their most vulnerable days,” said Noah. “Being able to help in any way I can is pretty great.”For more National Guard news: Guard Facebook: Guard Twitter: the National Guard is helping: of the National Guard response: from the CDC: response: House-CDC response: