CAMP BONDSTEEL, Kosovo—Since 1999, following the adoption of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, the NATO-led Kosovo Force mission has focused on the safety, security and freedom of movement for all the people of Kosovo.In addition to ensuring mission success, KFOR also maintains capabilities in responsive measures to counter deteriorating security situations in Kosovo.The KFOR Regional-Command East’s maneuver battalion stands ready throughout Kosovo to respond to crowd and riot control (CRC) situations that may hinder the safety, security or freedom of movement for community members, said U.S. Army Maj. Alex Bear, the maneuver battalion’s planning and coordination officer.“CRC is not the maneuver battalion’s primary function. However we are proficient in our CRC capabilities,” said Bear. “We trained for some months before we arrived in Kosovo and regularly rehearse our capabilities here.”The CRC personnel work together as one with U.S., Turkish and Polish military members, said 1st Lt. Maciej Paszyn, the maneuver battalion’s Polish liaison officer.“It is great to operate alongside our NATO partners and allies,” said Paszyn. “We are stronger together when we bring together our knowledge and capabilities into one effort.”Capt. Bekir Onur Cetin, the Turkish Maneuver Company’s liaison officer, said the Maneuver Company will continue to monitor any potential threats to the safety of Kosovo communities.“If violence were to ensue during large demonstrations, we must be ready to act,” said Cetin. “We are ready.”As a well-trained and ready force, the maneuver battalion’s CRC personnel remain rapidly deployable throughout KFOR RC-E area of responsibility.In support of the Institutions in Kosovo, the maneuver battalion are a third responder, the first being the Kosovo Police and the second EULEX, the European Union Rule of the Law.“Anytime the institutions in Kosovo ask for our assistance in a CRC or deteriorating security situation, we will respond,” said Bear.