ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- With the uncertainty of dealing with a pandemic, an overall new situation to our current societal generations, the strong emotions associated with uncertainty can become overwhelming.When presented with new situations, we have to adapt and sometimes develop new coping mechanisms.When we do this, we become stronger, better people and, overall, this improves the community around us.Stress during a situation like this can manifest itself in many ways, including, but not limited, to:• Irritability• Depression• Anxiety• Being withdrawn• Restlessness• Apprehension• Anger and Hostility• Lack of concentration/forgetfulness• Reduced creativity• Insomnia• Loss of appetite or overeating• Headaches• Tight musclesAny change in behavior deviating from the norm may be stress-related.It is important to have healthy coping mechanisms in place before we find ourselves in a stressful situation.Often, we can mitigate the impact of stressful situations if we are doing our best to take care of ourselves.There are many self-care behaviors, which can help us navigate stressful events with minimal impact.We can minimize the impact of stressful situations by:• Setting aside time to participate in activities that we enjoy• Avoiding “sensationalism” in the media. Sometimes the news media and social media can keep us in a negative state of mind.• Exercising• Getting plenty of sleep• Eating healthy• Not using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism• Communicating with others, while maintaining recommended social distancing – telephonically or electronically• Encouraging othersIf you have trouble coping with a stressful situation, please reach out to your Anniston Army Depot Employee Assistance Program for additional help and resources.We can be reached at:• 256-240-3182 or• 256-741-5785 or