U.S. Army Garrison Alaska, Fort Greely celebrated the Month of the Military Child in April to honor the sacrifices made by military families and to recognize the important role military children play in our community.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person festivities were cancelled, but that didn’t prevent Fort Greely Family and MWR from celebrating through virtual means.This year’s MOMC theme, “Overcoming Challenges: Adapting Today for a Stronger Tomorrow,” remains extremely relevant to the challenges families are facing during these uncertain times.In support of social distancing, FMWR utilized social media outlets to creatively interact with children and families who were spending more time at home due to the pandemic.By implementing online activities such as children’s photo, drawing and chef contests gave families something to look forward to and a way to celebrate this year’s MOMC observance.Even a virtual “Purple Up Day” was celebrated via Facebook April 16 where children and families wore purple attire to acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions made by military families.FMWR Marketing Manager, Mrs. Irmgard Melecio, handles the program’s social media pages and is extremely impressed with the virtual reach of the activities. “Entire families signing up to be a part of the activities and contests confirms how amazingly resilient they are, especially the children,” said Melecio.“Children and Families are the force behind the force, supporting Soldiers as they focus on their mission in serving the nation, and recognizing their contributions through virtual means displays our commitment to military Families and children, and thanks them for the support and contributions they make on behalf of their Soldiers,” said Fort Greely Garrison Commander, Lt. Col. Joel Johnson.If you would like to stay virtually connected with Fort Greely Family and MWR on social media outlets, follow @GreelyMWR on both Facebook and Instagram.