WIESBADEN, Germany - Staying-safe-at-home has meant rethinking how Wiesbaden Family and MWR delivers programs and services to its patrons. With many facilities temporarily closed and public events cancelled for everyone’s safety during the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden COVID-19 response, MWR programmers have been working overtime to come up with quality virtual alternatives.The result has been a host of online links, contests, videos and other resources – and some actual “real-time” events that community members are invited to browse, enjoy and participate in from the comfort of their homes.The Wiesbaden Family and MWR home page and Facebook page are chockful with options for all ages. Every week programmers have been compiling a wealth of opportunities ranging from online painting sessions to virtual yoga and meditation classes. Functional Fitness Boot Camp classes, Army Community Service programs, the weekly SLO in the Know (School Liaison update), Outdoor Recreation features, Amelia Earhart Playhouse programs and lots more online options are all available on the MWR home and Facebook pages.MWR’s culinary facilities have also quickly transitioned to continue serving the local military community population. While some facilities have temporarily closed during this time, the Bamboo Asian Restaurant, Wiesbaden Entertainment Center and Little Italy Catering Center have all rallied to offer home delivery service. Patrons can find the menus, opening hours and more information about each facility by clicking on the MWR Food Delivery Options link on the home page or under the Inside With MWR banner on the page.A vast supply of links, free classes, entertainment, wellness options, educational opportunities, religious support, mental health resources, virtual job training and more is also available on the Inside With MWR page. Simply click on the link on the home page and scroll down to click on the drop-down menus packed with a plethora of free opportunities.Two of Wiesbaden MWR’s facilities have opened partially to provide vital services.The Automotive Skills Center is open by appointment only for emergency repairs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Patrons should note that there is currently no bay rental available and the car wash is closed. To make an appointment call civ (0611) 143-548-9817. Payment is by card only.The new Wiesbaden Outdoor Recreation Center on Clay North is also partially open to serve customers with equipment rentals and bike maintenance Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To make an appointment call civ (0611) 143-548-9801.During April’s Month of the Military Child, Child and Youth Services staff brainstormed to offer a fun, safe activity for school-age children. The Spring Basket Drive Through, held April 25 at Hainerberg’s old PX parking lot (now the Thrift Shop) featured a giveaway of more than 500 baskets. Community members were invited to use social distancing and to drive through the area during the event. In addition to the goody baskets, MWR gave away more than $300 worth of prizes.Besides regular online sports and fitness classes, the Wiesbaden Sports and Fitness Center hosted a Virtual 5K event on April 25 dedicated to celebrating local hometown heroes. Community members had the chance to record their running or walking 6,500 steps, to post the results on MWR’s Facebook page and to “shout out” to a local hometown hero.Be sure to check the Wiesbaden Family MWR Facebook page (and other Family and MWR Facebook pages such as Outdoor Recreation, ACS, Amelia Earhart Playhouse, Arts and Crafts) for giveaways, contests, updated resources and more. Look for lots more virtual and actual Wiesbaden Family and MWR happenings in the coming weeks.As always we invite and welcome your comments and feedback to help us serve you better.