We never want to hear about bloopers, trust me, I know - been there, done that at the Recruiter Journal. I read Soldiers cover to cover every month - an excellent publication for sure. But I had to laugh at the photo on page six in the April issue.It shows Jeremy Beales practicing archery. Well, he needs more practice and so does his coach standing behind him. Jeremy is holding the bow upside down! Which stands to reason why he's pinching the front of the arrow between his two fingers (as he has no arrow rest to lay it on, since his hand is wrapped around it) with the actual handle sticking above his hand.Just wondered how many archers caught that one. I did, but then again I'm an editor, as well as an archery instructor. Keep up the great work. Very respectfully,Walt Kloeppel Associate Editor Recruiter Journal U.S. Army Recruiting Command