ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – New Mexico Air National Guard Tech Sgt. Rebecca Johnson has performed over 50 N95 respirator fit tests on Soldiers and Airmen in support of the New Mexico National Guard Joint Task Force’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.N95 respirators cannot protect the wearer properly if it does not fit them properly. Contaminated air can leak into their masks, resulting in breathing hazardous elements to include the COVID-19 virus. A “fit test” tests the seal between the respirator facepiece and the person's face, taking between fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.The current mission to support New Mexico’s fight against COVID-19 has required many Airmen and Soldiers to wear these respirators for their safety.“Effective integration of joint forces is intended to mitigate functional or geographic vulnerabilities,” said Capt. Adrian Mateos, 150th Medical Group Medical Officer. “Tech. Sgt. Rebecca Johnson helped decrease a functional vulnerability by enabling, coordinating and executing N95 fit testing for New Mexico Army Guard aviation crew soldiers last week and has since then provided additional just in time tests.”Johnson is a key factor in calculating the New Mexico Air National Guard’s Medical Unit mission capability, equipment availability and equipment assignment to clinical teams supporting different communities.The New Mexico National Guard’s Joint Task Force continues to support municipal, county, state, and federal agency partners responding to the pandemic. Soldiers and Airmen are performing missions around the clock and around the state to protect New Mexicans.For more National Guard news: Guard Facebook: Guard Twitter: Guard COVID-19 Response: (COVID-19): from the CDC: Response: