Throughout the Fort McCoy COVID-19 pandemic response, the food management/services team with the Logistics Readiness Center Supply Services Division kept food service available for people who need it for as long as possible.Through April 17, food service was available at the dining facility in building 1362 in the Fort McCoy Noncommissioned Officer Academy complex.“Diners weren’t able to eat in the facility — everything was takeout only,” said Food Program Manager Rick Runnion with the division. “We had altered the facility’s daily operations in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, yet still had food options available. We’ve now closed the facility but can reopen quickly as needed.”Under normal food service operations, the dining facility mainly supports service members on post for institutional and transient training and has many food options available.“Since the training hit an operational pause, we had transitioned our customer base to Soldiers who normally receive separate rations, family members, Department of the Army civilians, retirees, and contracted workforce members,” Runnion said. “And because of protective measures and it being takeout only, we had to limit our food options but we still supported our customers.”They had signs about social distancing and encouraged customers to stand 6 feet apart while waiting in lines, Runnion said. “There’s tape on the ground to help facilitate and encourage patrons to do as such, and it will remain there if we reopen it soon.”Runnion said they also had additional measures in place for customers and staff.“These measures included hand-washing stations outside entrances, encouraging diners to maintain the required social distance, we discontinued self-service items, and meals were served in to-go containers,” Runnion said. “Additionally, our food-service workers maintained the required social distancing when preparing meals, and they wore additional personal protective equipment, including masks.”Runnion said more than two dozen people were doing their part to keep the food service available at the dining facility during the first several weeks of COVID-19 response, and he said they are happy to do it.“The employees on this team — they are all very patriotic,” Runnion said. “I appreciate their dedication to doing their job and doing it well for the Fort McCoy community.”Runnion’s team also has people doing their jobs via telework and making adjustments for food delivery as the schedule changed because of the pandemic response.“We all know to maintain flexibility,” Runnion said. “(This team) is able to adjust to the changes as they come, and morale is good with all the staff. We have a very important mission, and we will continue to do it.”Learn more about Fort McCoy online at, on Facebook by searching “ftmccoy,” and on Twitter by searching “usagmccoy.”