#SoldierForLife is a JMC series honoring our employees who have served in uniform. This week’s Soldier for Life feature is SSG (Ret.) Tod Marshall.

Q: What did you do in the Army?

 I was an Ammunition Specialist my entire career in the Army. My first assignment was at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, with the 6th Infantry Division. Then, the Army moved me to Ft. Carson, Colo. During the 20 years I was in the Army, we were moved 17 times. My wife felt the impact of the moves much more than I did, this was due to me being able to go right back to work after each move. Often times on her own, while I was out supporting the Army, my wife set up the house, acclimated our kids to their new surroundings and went out and started a new job. I am eternally grateful for her support to this Soldier!

Q: What ties to the work you do now at JMC? How has being a Soldier helped in your career and life?

A. I was on the receiving end of munitions products throughout my entire career, actually seeing and using most of the ammunition that is managed and shipped around the world by JMC. It has put me in a unique position to understand the importance of what we do for the Warfighters. As a Soldier, I never gave much thought about opening an ammo can, taking out a smoke grenade, opening a fiber container, pulling the pin, throwing the grenade and then policing up that grenade once we were finished with our training. It was just part of the job. That was just one of countless ‘Department of Defense Identification Codes’ I’ve touched as a Soldier, and didn’t think about how it got into my hands, until I was employed here at JMC.

Since I’ve retired, the one thing I’ve been able to hold on to is my Army-issued phone number. I have the same number that I was issued when I first arrived on Rock Island Arsenal as a Soldier back in 2002.

Q: What does being a Veteran mean to you?

A. Being a Vet means a lot, especially being a retired Veteran. I am proud of the discipline and respect, showing respect to the flag when I’m on post or at a sporting event, or even doing something as simple as removing my hat when I enter a building. I am proud that I was in the Army for a long time and the countless benefits I received for doing so. I appreciated all the opportunities and training the Army provided me.

Thank you for your service!!

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