Name: Matthew TorresSchool: Texas A&M International UniversityHometown: San Benito, TXMajor: Double Major Political Science and HistoryWhat Makes This Cadet Stand Out From Their Peers?Cadet Matthew Torres has separated himself from his peers by not only having the highest APFT/ACFT score (591) but by also being the “go-to-guy” in the program. As the Battalion Executive Officer, Cadet Torres has excelled in mentoring junior Cadets by instructing multiple labs flawlessly. As the master fitness Cadet, he has taken the time to conduct extra physical fitness sessions for Cadets that are not meeting the standard.His hardworking nature is defining and evident in everything he sets his mind to. As a double major in History and Political Science, he continues to juggle a 3.67 GPA, numerous volunteer events and leadership excellence within the Javelina Battalion.In The Cadet's Own Words:I joined Army ROTC because I love being part of team and having an environment that promotes teamwork and brotherhood. In high school, I played varsity football for two years and was fortunately able to be team captain during my senior. Being a part of an environment that promoted teamwork along with hard work and a never-quit attitude, is what motivated me to join ROTC.Leadership-wise, my motivation is both within myself, in that I want to be the best leader in my position, and with people, because throughout my years here at ROTC, I realized that great leadership can impact lives for the better in all aspects.Awards & Achievements:-Distinguished Military Graduate-George C. Marshall Seminar Nominee