FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. – Although the setting has changed dramatically because of COVID-19 precautions, USO Pathfinder services are continuing online for Soldiers and their Families.“Though our delivery system has changed, our Pathfinder mission continues,” said Fort Campbell USO Pathfinder site manager Lindsey Geraci. “The USO Pathfinder program remains open virtually and the scouts are both taking new clients and following up with existing clients. Instead of meeting in person, scouts are conducting one-on-one meetings with service members and military spouses over the phone or on video chat.”New way to communicateAlthough USO Pathfinder has postponed or canceled some of its upcoming events, the staff is figuring out ways to “reimagine most of them as online content or webinars,” Geraci said.“We are creating a digital version of our quarterly VA Homebuying Workshop and have plans to hold a virtual Employment Readiness Workshop,” she said. “Social distancing has also brought us new opportunities to think broader and develop new partnerships.”A newly forged partnership with the Veterans Business Outreach Center led to the recent launching of free webinars, “Foundations of Entrepreneurship: Idea to Business Concept.” “These webinars will offer a unique opportunity for those who dream of starting their own business but need guidance on how to go from idea to reality,” Geraci said.USO Pathfinder assists service members within 12 months of their transition date, along with those on the Reserve and National Guard, as well as military spouses. Services range from creating a plan for what’s next and connecting clients with the services, opportunities and resources that are the best fit for their successful transition to focusing on employment, education, housing, Department of Veterans Affairs benefits, financial readiness, legal issues, Family strengthening and wellness, and volunteerism, she said“In the current environment of uncertainty, we want to be the steady guide that is there for our clients to lean on,” Geraci said. “Our scouts pride themselves on being up-to-date on the latest guidance and resources, from employment issues to financial assistance and much more.”Use this timeWith the need for social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, many businesses across the country have temporarily closed their doors.“We want people to know that despite the uncertainty of the job market, there is no time like the present to prepare for your transition,” Geraci said. “Use this time to virtually meet with a Pathfinder scout, refine your resume, practice interviewing, research educational opportunities, make a budget or learn a new skill. The world will not be closed forever, and we want you to be prepared as best you can.”Although there is more unease and financial instability in the workforce, some are finding new ways to embrace technology and work remotely, she said.“Still other industries, including logistics, grocery and health care are seeing a substantial increase in demand,” Geraci said. “We at Pathfinder know that the skills, both soft and hard, developed by service members and military spouses throughout their careers will remain valuable to employers. Pathfinder can help refine those skills and guide you towards professional success. “There are challenges ahead but there also is help available. Fort Campbell’s USO Pathfinder is one option available and works closely with partner agencies at the Fort Campbell Spouse Employment Center.“The biggest challenge we are facing is expectation management,” Geraci said. “Many companies have put their hiring processes on hold, rescheduling interviews and withholding offers until a later date. Certain industries that require in-person or hands-on work have temporarily stopped hiring as well. We want jobseekers to know that their goals can still be achieved, but the timeline may need to be adjusted.”To schedule an appointment with a scout or for questions, call 270-484-3627 or register online at