FORT GREELY, Alaska -- Chaplains at U.S. Army Garrison Alaska, Fort Greely are finding ways to provide spiritual support to the installation and Delta Junction community through innovative means in response to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fort Greely Garrison Chaplain, Lt. Col Paul Fritts, and 49th Missile Defense Battalion Chaplain, Capt. Sean Crow, are displaying their worth to the community by using creative ways to provide encouraging and heartfelt messages of hope to patrons. Both Chaplains are maintaining a strong presence on social media by broadcasting Sunday services as well as publishing daily and weekly messages to the workforce. This includes publications of Chaplain Crow’s “Word of the Day” and Chaplain Fritt’s “Children’s Message.”

Virtual Service
U.S. Army Garrison Alaska, Fort Greely Chaplain Lt. Col. Paul Fritts livestreams his first virtual service March 22 in response to the Commander-In-Chief’s social distancing guidance limiting gatherings to less than ten people. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Garrison Alaska, Fort Greely Public Affairs ) VIEW ORIGINAL

The religious support doesn’t stop at social media; Both Chaplains are also stopping at nothing to continue socializing with the families they hold dear to their heart. Using social distancing measures outlined by the Center for Disease Control, they are even making house calls to read stories to the entire family.

"The Fort Greely Ministry Team has quickly adapted to our current situation by developing new capacities to livestream weekly services and messages,” said Fritts. “The current pandemic has also served as an opportunity for our team to demonstrate kindness and compassion using unique methods; I’m already aware of friends and family who have been touched all over the world by our virtual community."

Children's Story
Garrison Chaplain Lt. Col Paul Fritts and 49th MDB Chaplain Capt. Sean Crow use social distancing guidelines to read a story to the children of Paul and Laci Jacques April 8 at their home. (Photo Credit: Mrs. Laci Jacques) VIEW ORIGINAL

If you need any type of religious support from the Fort Greely Ministry Team, Chaplain Fritts and Crow can be reached by telephone at (203)-600-9874 and (208) 941-0174, respectively.