FORT LEAVENWORTH, KS: While much of the Army’s live training is temporarily suspended due to the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic, Soldiers and Leaders can still access individual training resources from the Army Training Network (ATN). The Army’s Training Management Directorate continues to develop and field web-based training solutions that are focused on Soldiers and small team leaders, all accessible using personal devices with an EAMS-A provided username and password.A few of the most recent additions to ATN are: the Individual Training Page and associated training content; the Digital Job Book and Small Unit Leader Tool to manage records; and a Help Desk Live Chat capability to answer questions and facilitate the use of the training management tools.The Individual Training Page was built to help Soldiers and Small Unit Leaders maintain individual training proficiency during social distancing. The page currently provides content and links to over 29 diverse products and sites that support Individual Training. The page will continue to evolve as TMD researches and organizes pertinent training information gathered from the Army’s Centers and Schools, making it a “one stop shop” for individual training tools and products.The Army's Digital Job Book and the Small Unit Leader Tool are also available via user name and password, enabling small unit leaders and Soldiers to verify training records are complete and accurate. Every Soldier and small unit leader in the Army can view key training information in their personal or small team’s individual Soldier training records whenever and wherever they have the need. By reviewing information in their Individual Training Record (ITR) in the Digital Job Book, Soldiers can ensure their records are up to date, research tasks they need to train on, and provide feedback to their leaders. Additionally, small unit leaders have the added ability to manage and update training information in their Soldier’s records at their own convenience, from these very same personal devices. With the majority of the Army telecommuting or not able to train collectively this capability is now more useful than ever.The Help Desk recently enabled a live chat session capability in order to increase support to ATN and Army Training Management System (ATMS) customers. The link to the chat function is hosted on ATN and is found by selecting the Help Desk on the top right of the Home page and then selecting the chat link at the bottom of the Help Desk Page. Customers can now get Live-Chat assistance from one of the well trained Help Desk agents on a myriad of questions, to include: using an ATMS application, troubleshooting an account, assistance with ATN content, or getting answers to training management questions. Friendly agents are available for live chat Monday through Friday from 0500-2100 hours (US Central Time).By visiting ATN at for training resources and Live-Chat assistance, Soldiers and leaders can continue to pursue training excellence despite challenges associated with the current COVID-19 response.For tutorials that support logging in to ATN via a personal device see CAC-T’s TMD webpage at: CONNECTED.For further information and timely TMD news visit:,, or