Iron Eagles attend Elementary School’s Career Day

By Ashton AddingtonApril 11, 2020

Iron Eagles attend Career Day
Sgt. Shafeek Rivera of 3rd battalion 501st Regiment shows students of Robert E. Lee Elementary School his flight helmet during his team's presentation for Career Day. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Sgt. Ashton Hofmeister) VIEW ORIGINAL

Iron Eagles attend Elementary School’s Career Day

Pilots and Crew Chiefs from 1st Armored Combat Aviation Brigade attended Career Day at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in El Paso, Texas February 20, 2020.

The Soldiers were greeted by students and staff before giving a presentation to explain what it is they do as aviators serving in the United States Army.

“I think the event was a great opportunity for both the students, educators and Soldiers to learn more about each other, which strengthens the community as a whole,” said 1st Lt. Andrew Lightsey, who led the group of Soldiers that attended the event. “It’s always good when our Warrants, NCOs, and junior enlisted can get recognized, but even better when they can do so while giving back and teaching those outside of the gates.”

The students were greeted by many people in the El Paso community. Each participant told the children what they do in their career and what it takes to make it possible. The Soldiers, two UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter Crew Chiefs and three Black Hawk Helicopter Pilots explained the process of becoming a Soldier and then an aviator.

The Soldiers also did a hands on portion in their presentation. The students gathered around and tried on flight vests, body armor, flight helmets and air warrior vests. Some of the children even challenged themselves by showing off their push-ups and jumping jacks skills.

“The opportunity for these students to hear from the military and the different fields within the military is important to them,” said Guillermo Ramirez, the assistant principal. “To them, it is just what they see in the movies or in the news. Having you all here to explain and go into detail about some of the other things the military do is important to expand their thoughts and their future about maybe choosing a career in the Army.”

The Soldiers were pleased to have a chance to give back to their community and engage with El Paso’s youth and teachers.

“I believe events like this go a long way into showing the surrounding community we do care and that we can continue to keep El Paso the thriving city that we enjoy,” Lightsey said.

The responsibility to defend our nation requires commitment that is expressed in many different ways. This includes treating everyone in the community with dignity and respect and collaborating broadly. Stewardship is the value of all Army leaders who are entrusted by the American public to care for our people.