Following the 2020 Army People Strategy, Joint Munitions Command is leading the way to acquire, develop, employ, and retain the diversity of Soldier and Civilian talent needed to achieve Total Army readiness.According to the Department of the Army webpage; “The Army People Strategy is a starting point. It provides the guidance, framework, and conceptual basis for follow-on military and civilian strategy implementation plans. These plans, which will be time- and data-driven, will identify gaps, implement solutions to close those gaps, and measure improvements so that we can assess our progress and build upon it in thoughtful and effective ways.”“With the right people, in the right place, at the right time, our Total Army will successfully deploy, fight, and win in multi-domain operations and excel in support of the Joint Force. It is our people that provide us with an enduring advantage to remain the world’s most ready, lethal, and capable land combat force,” stated Department of Army senior leaders.Recently, the Rock Island Arsenal hosted a visit regarding the Army’s People Strategy with Michael Reheuser, Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel, Headquarters, Department of  Army, and Max Wyche, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, Army Materiel Command. They met with JMC senior leaders to discuss various initiatives such as JMC's use of direct hire authority to decrease time to fill job vacancies from 110 days to 80 days during the last four years. JMC is leading the way across the Department of the Army in this effort.During the visit, Reheuser and Wyche hosted the first-ever RIA G1 Town Hall in which they highlighted the Army People Strategy and the Civilian Implementation Plan, as well as the five quality of life initiatives from AMC. The forum opened with a question and answer session which included G1 staff from Army Sustainment Command, Joint Munitions Command, Army Contracting Command-Rock Island, and Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center and Installation Management Command.Following the visit, JMC conducted a quarterly People Strategy forum with ASC, ACC-RI, and JMTC headquarters. Norbert Herrera, Deputy Chief of Staff, G1, kicked off the meeting saying, “This is a great opportunity to improve our communications and to work together to implement best practices to improve our Army People Strategy.” The discussion focused on how we are planning to utilize the Army Strategy to build a 21st century talent-based personnel management system, reform essential quality of life programs, and build cohesive teams that are ready, professional, and diverse. The headquarters shared vital information on resources that were working for their commands and opportunities that could be improved. Shared opportunities included, job fairs, building the bench efforts, recruiting Interns, and increasing diversity across the commands.“JMC will continue working on current initiatives to align with the Army People Strategy, Army and AMC priorities,” said Herrera. “JMC’s lines of effort will continue to focus on Soldier, Civilian and Family Readiness strategic objectives. We are committed to a ready, professional and integrated civilian workforce which is aligned and ready to meet current and emerging Army missions.”