Fort A.P. Hill announces employees of the year

By Michael MeisbergerApril 7, 2020

FORT A.P. HILL, Virginia - Fort A.P. Hill named its Employees of the Year recently, they are Madelaine Perrotte from the Directorate of Human Resources and Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician Daniel Hogan of the Directorate of Emergency Services.

The two were recognized for exceptional performance of their jobs and for going above and beyond to support the garrison.

Perrotte has worked at Fort A.P. Hill for 15 years in a number of positions--Access Control Clerk, Program Manager, Civilian Training Administrator and Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations Technician and Management Analyst. She works now as a Support Services Specialist in the Directorate of Human Resources.

When asked about how she felt about being the employee of the year, Perrotte said, "It feels great to be recognized by my peers and leaders."

Perrotte's supervisor, Director of Human Resources Susan Botkin, said she nominated her for the Employee of the Year for a number of reasons.

“She is a model employee with a positive attitude and multi-tasking ability that supports the mission and provides stability and continuity in a variety of challenging circumstances,” Botkin said.

“Madelaine's compassion for Soldier support programs, her ability to keep abreast of numerous activities while emphasizing the importance of Army Values and the Civilian Corps Creed make her a priceless asset to this garrison.”

Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician Hogan has worked for the Fort A.P. Hill Fire Department for four years, he was recognized for his diligence, motivation and leadership.

Hogan’s supervisor, Capt. Nathan Ford said he is a hardworking, self-motivated, caring and helpful employee who is a friend to all.

“Firefighter Hogan would do anything for anyone and would make self-sacrifices in order to assist those in need. His positive energy radiates throughout the fire department,” he said.

Ford said that Hogan's actions during an incident during an air drop of paratroopers illustrate why he nominated him.

One paratrooper landed in a tree near the Assault Landing Zone and couldn’t free himself.

Responding to the scene Hogan was the operations officer as well as lead rescuer responsible for climbing the tree to rescue the Soldier.

Ford said that Hogan’s ability to develop an incident action plan that focused on proper safety protocols, combined with instructing fire department personnel to maintain a high level of safety and technical skill, allowed the department to retrieve the paratrooper without significant injury to the Soldier or them.

Hogan said he was honored to be named Employee of the Year.

“It always feels strange to be singled out in a team-based profession, but I feel very honored to receive the recognition,” he said. “I enjoy many of the aspects this base has to offer and working here has been a privilege.”

Hogan said he felt some of the improvements he’s tried to make during his tenure helped him to win the award.

“I've tried to make improvements to our department where I felt I could offer the most input. I feel I have had the most success in improving our firefighter physical training regimen as well as aspects to our rescue program,” he said.

Perrotte and Hogan will receive an Employee of the Year certificate and a cash award.