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All service members and DOD civilians are authorized up to 90 days of storage in transit, or SIT, at destination.

Because of the stop movement order, all service members and DOD civilians are automatically authorized an additional 90 days of storage for a total of 180 days of SIT upon request. There are no financial charges incurred when using this entitlement.

Service members and DOD civilians must contact their local Installation Transportation Office in Korea to request an additional 90 days of SIT.

Installation Transportation Office POCs:

Area I/II — Call DSN 315-722-2525 or e-mail george.n.carlson.civ@mail.mil.

Area III — Call DSN 315-757-2528 or e-mail clarence.f.slawson.civ@mail.mil. You can also call DSN 315-756-3600 or e-mail chonghui.kum.ln@mail.mil.

Area IV — Call DSN 315-763-4532 or e-mail michael.a.ferguson34.civ@mail.mil.