FORT DETRICK, Md. -- The U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command supplied life-saving medical supplies for three Army hospital centers supporting New York and Washington -- two of the states hit hardest by COVID-19.Supplies were sent to support Army medical professionals from the 531st Hospital from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the 627th Hospital from Fort Carson, Colorado, and the 9th Hospital from Fort Hood, Texas.The packages included potency and dated items tailored to each medical team’s needs -- everything from syringes and suction tubes to blood products and oxygen.“Part of the DOD strategy is to push out capabilities to bolster the existing health care system in these heavily impacted locations,” said Maj. Bryan Pamintuan, director of the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency’s Force Projection Directorate. “Our supplies are intended to bolster these unit’s capability to delivery health care support where it is now needed most.”New York and Washington are among the states hardest hit by the coronavirus in the U.S., where nearly 175,000 total cases have been recorded as of March 31. COVID-19, the respiratory disease that results from the virus, has contributed to the deaths of about 3,300 nationwide.While a large portion of the country has been subject to lockdowns and closures to limit community spread of the virus, Pamintuan said USAMMA, a direct reporting unit of AMLC, has adapted well and successfully reconfigured deployable assets on the fly to accommodate the needed facilities.He just didn’t think it would be to combat an invisible enemy like a virus.“You always practice in the military for a plan when something unexpected happens,” Pamintuan said. “That’s a testament to the team, and it shows their grit, intelligence and commitment to the mission.”