FORT McCOY, WISCONSIN -- Four times a year, the Wisconsin Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee (ISFAC) meets to exchange information about the services available to military members and their families throughout the state of Wisconsin.The latest ISFAC met March 5 at Whitetail Ridge Ski Area at Fort McCoy. The Wisconsin ISFAC is a military/community cooperative partnership that allows service providers to network and connect service and family members and veterans with local resources.Fifty people attended the March 5 meeting representing 39 organizations. Chairman Jaime Herrera, program manager for Army Community Service’s Mobilization/Deployment Readiness Program at Fort McCoy, said the organization comprises more than 550 members representing 175 federal, state, and nonprofit organizations. Quarterly meetings are held in different locations throughout the state to give all members a chance to attend without having to travel too far.“Wisconsin ISFAC has been meeting for more than 12 years, and we are very proud of all the services/referrals we have provided in that time,” Herrera said.“Any federal, state, local government, or nonprofit organization that provides services to the military community in any status is welcome to join the group,” he said. “We have congressional representation, mental health and crisis counselors, homeless programs, American Red Cross, Military One Source, VA benefits and program specialists, county veteran service officers, and many more.”Service members are also encouraged to attend meetings to learn about the services and benefits that are available to them, both during and after military service. The ISFAC currently reaches an audience of about 3,500 military members throughout the state, Herrera said.The organization was founded by and continues to be organized by Army Community Service at Fort McCoy. For more information about the Wisconsin ISFAC, visit or call 608-388-6712.