Throughout the month of April, the Army and our nation will observe 50 years of Earth Day. Stewardship of our ecological treasures contributes to a quality environment and is an important part of military readiness. By preserving our nation's history, conserving natural resources, and restoring lands, we protect where Army personnel live, train and work while keeping our Army mission ready.Environmental stewardship is an investment in everyone’s future. Every effort you take to lessen your effect on the environment, every time you use less water or energy, recycle or reuse products, or select products with less packaging rated as more environmentally friendly or energy efficient, you too are making a difference. By safeguarding the environment today, we can ensure cleaner land, cleaner water and cleaner air in the future.Earth Day isn’t just what we do on April 22 each year but what we should do every day. To learn more about what the Army is doing for Earth Day 2020 visit With your help, we will be able to look back in another 50 years and know that our Army protected vulnerable facilities, infrastructure, and environmental resources.2020 Earth Day Poster (FINAL front and back).pdf [PDF - 357.5 KB]