WIESBADEN, Germany - Effective March 23, all privately owned vehiclesregistered with the U.S. Army Europe Registry of Motor Vehicles that expire within the next 30 days are automatically extended for 60 days.As an example, if your POV registration expires March 27, you now have until May 27 to renew.The U.S. Army Europe Registry of Motor Vehicles is closed due to the COVID-19 situation. New permanent registration forms will not be issued until normal operations resume.Your local Military Police can verify registration information if required by host nation police, such as during a traffic stop.The Army and Air Forces Exchange Services ESSO fuel card program will continue to honor expired, hard copy registration forms.All expiring registrations, to include temporary and non-operational, are considered valid until normal operations resume - except for cancellations due to lack of insurance coverage.For special or emergency circumstances, call your local garrison vehicle registration office.