FMS provides precision guided munitions to India
Indian Army fires lethal Excalibur Ammunition from M-777 Howitzer during live fire testing. (Photo Credit: Courtesy image) VIEW ORIGINAL

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. - The United States and India’s relationship continues to grow by building defense and security relationships that are mutually beneficial to each country. Recently, the United States delivered India the most advanced 155mm Extended Range Precision Munitions. This program was a carefully orchestrated effort between the United States and India.

The National Defense Strategy discusses how alliances enable the U.S. to compete, deter and win in an ever complicated environment. The U.S. and India alliance is able to challenge competitors, outmaneuver and frustrate their enemies and eliminate rivals options. India is the keystone in achieving this effort in the Indo-Pacific Command combatant command, allowing the Joint Forces an opportunity to provide robust influence in the region.

Delivering upon India’s request required close coordination and communication between the JMC Security Assistance Directorate, the United States Security Assistance Command, many U.S. government agencies, and the Indian government. Approvals and logistic plans were expedited and to ensure that approvals were received, plans were agreed upon and the rounds, fuzes and support equipment were delivered to India in the appropriate timeframe.  Completing this requirement fortified Security Assistance’s role in providing defense articles, military training and other defense related services as part of national policies and objectives.

Culminating all of the U.S. and Indian efforts was a three-week new equipment training and high-visibility live-fire event in India. The U.S. trainers equipped and verified the Indian military had the technical expertise to care for and fire the new munitions. The training ensured the Indian Army can go unmatched in targeting their adversaries, and providing safety to their country. In February 2020, the efforts to expeditiously provide India the capability was recognized by the White House, during a visit to India by the President.

Equipping India with superior fire power was paramount in building a critical relationship. The new munitions use global positioning system technology to provide absolute precision, limited collateral damage, increased reliability and lethality to enemies that are unmatched by adversaries. The munitions are configurable to address a variety of threats that our partner nation may encounter. The U.S. is committed to supporting India with current and future requirements. The JMC enterprise is able to meet these demands through our dedicated staff and depots.