Marianne Winch, key and essential housing manager for U.S. Army Garrison - Miami, brings her sunny disposition to work every day, even though the issues she faces often start with a phone call in the dead of night.

Winch is responsible for managing any and all issues for the government-leased housing where senior military officers assigned to U.S. Southern Command reside.

Although she assists her teammates in placing all incoming personnel in suitable housing, the security requirements for general officers and their families, and maintenance of home and grounds make this job more challenging than her other duties.

Like any home, there are issues that have to be addressed, no matter when, and some are unique to South Florida.

"3 a.m. - 4 a.m., Sunday, Saturday, you name it, I've been called, with plumbing problems, leaks, smoke alarms, installation of hurricane shutters, everything," she said with a hint of an accent from her native Germany.

Winch was recognized with a commendation June 17, by SOUTHCOM Deputy Military Commander, Air Force Lt. Gen. Glenn F. Spears, for "service over and above" that expected of a senior housing manager.

Spears was joined by the majority of the senior staff of SOUTHCOM - all recipients of Winch's 24-hour brand of customer service - and all in agreement that the award was well deserved.

Among the command coins she received was one from Marine Brig. Gen. David Garza, SOUTHCOM Chief of Staff, who summed up Winch's service when he said that "Marianne represents the SOUTHCOM Gold Standard in her approach to service to the customer, and we are very proud that she is on the SOUTHCOM Team."