FORT BLISS, Texas -- Throughout the last 13 months the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence launched all six levels of the Distributed Leader Courses to the force.The final DLC course, DLC VI launched March 1. This course educates senior 7 "Series" sergeants major and command sergeants major to perform senior-level duties at the brigade or higher-level positions throughout today's operational environment.Efran Ordaz the Instructional Systems Specialist for DLC VI, discusses the benefits of the course. "DLC VI is a new educational step after the completion of the NCO Professional Military Education capstone that is the Sergeants Major Academy," Ordaz said. "This course is designed to prepare SGMs and CSMs for positions of higher responsibility at the brigade level rather than learning by trial and error."The course consists of lessons covering all four Army Learning Areas of Leadership and the Army Profession, Mission Command, Operations, and Training. It is focused on CSM and SGM duties primarily within the brigade level.DLC VI participant, Command Sergeant Maj. Dewey E. Clemons Jr. explains how the course is created for Senior Enlisted Leaders to think beyond the training and apply it in real time."These lessons provided the connection between what NCOs have been executing throughout their careers and how they must seek to operate in future assignments," Dewey said. "This will better enable the Corps to be value added in their roles through the execution of the NCO Common Core Competencies."Not only does the latest DLC fully support the six NCO Core Competencies, but gives the learners an opportunity to interpret and analyze the topics too.Dewey also appreciated the rigor of the topics developed to assist him in engaging leaders in higher echelons."Each of the topics presented in DLC VI provoked thought about the roles and responsibilities of Senior NCOs at the operational and strategic levels," he said. "They forced me to think beyond the surface of existing doctrine and to examine how to more effectively engage Army leaders, at the brigade and higher echelons, in time constrained environment in which we operate."Developed in a progressive and sequential format in accordance with the new Army learning model (Experiential), the Distributed Leader Courses fill the gap in NCO Professional Military Education and prepare the learner for the next resident PME course."DLC VI bridged the gap to bring the holistic aspect to CSMs selected for the brigade level," Sergeant Maj. Haywood L. Vines, a participant in the DLC VI group trial said.Another trial participant, Sgt. Maj. Andrew Estes Jr. felt this training expands the knowledge base of the learner."In my opinion DLC VI, if absorbed by the learner will expand their critical and creative thinking needed to provide relevant and knowledgeable advice to operational and strategic level commanders," Estes said. "It gives them a voice at the table,"The latest DLC level prepares the sergeant major by providing an opportunity to improve as a professional and as an individual in the self-development domain.SSD V and DLC VI are two completely different courses. Therefore, Sergeants Major who have completed SSD V will also have to complete DLC VI. DLC VI does not provide an equivalency credit.Ordaz warns the learners of DLC VI."The modules in each lesson are highly interactive, they will require students to make appropriate leadership and mission command decisions in support of the commander's intent and guidance," he said.Ordaz added, "DLC VI is not a course in which you can use your computer's Control find function for the answer, it calls for learning the outcomes and using new learned information coupled with personal experience to make the right decision."The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence drives change for enlisted leader development for more information on the NCOLCoE or DLC visit the NCO Worldwide website at