AMCOM Town Hall March 2020
U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command's Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Todd Royar, addresses the AMCOM workforce during a town hall, March 9. (Photo Credit: Gina Baltrusch) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Hundreds of employees from the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command activities gathered to hear directly from the Commander, Maj. Gen. Todd Royar, during the AMCOM town hall, March 9.

The main focus of Royar's presentation focused on the human capital aspects of the command's campaign plan and, specifically, recent efforts to gather feedback directly from the workforce, the command's greatest assets, according to Royar. During the town hall, Royar talked about the results of those discussions.

"The campaign plan is our blueprint for moving forward," Royar said. "It is not set is stone; it is a roadmap to get us to our goals."

Royar emphasized that both his and the Army Chief of Staff's focus on people is paramount to the success of AMCOM and the Army.

"You (people) are the one asset we can't replace. The input you have provided has been invaluable and we have implemented many changes thanks to your suggestions," said Royar.

He went on to discuss improvements to the AMCOM awards process, the hiring process, the telework policy and alternate work schedule availability. Additionally, Royar dove into some of the equal employment opportunity metrics and discussed how the command is working to improve hiring and advancement opportunities for all candidates and employees across the board.

Royar closed the town hall by fielding questions and discussing some of the hot topics across AMCOM and the Army. Many in attendance expressed concern about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), including traveling for work, quarantines and telework logistics, should the need arise.

Recognizing employees' concerns, Royar noted "We are going to take appropriate precautions to make sure we safeguard the workforce."

Royar closed with a request and praise for all the efforts of the AMCOM team.

"Keep bringing up the issues that you think need to be addressed," said Royar. "That is where we will focus our efforts to get new policies and procedures in place. The best ideas will always come from [the workforce]. I look forward to working with you on your ideas and thank you for all you do every day for the warfighter in the field."