Sergeant Major Darnell O. Cabell is the first U.S. Army Finance & Comptroller (F&C) Sergeant Major, and is the senior enlisted leader and principal advisor to the Military Deputy, Assistant Secretary of the Army for the Total Army FC Military Profession. On March 4, 2020, Sgt. Maj. Cabell spoke at the 193rd Regiment Military Academy, seeking to "educate soldiers on the strategic view for moving the Finance and Comptroller profession forward."Following a review of the branch's history, Sgt. Maj. Cabell informed on the current state and future of the profession. The constructive presentation established the importance of the F&C branch to the Army while underlining the need for refinement in view of challenges to come. The needs of the Army will not only persist, but grow, as the force expands. Though the size of the F&C branch will be relatively static, those needs must still be met. Sgt. Maj. Cabell explained that this affords vast opportunities to sharpen the profession.Covering topics ranging from leadership, talent management, and career progression, Sgt. Maj. Cabell engaged with his audience, challenging Non-Commissioned Officers to stay relevant in the profession and the Army, identify and support top performers, and to make an impact within and outside their organizations. Stressing competency with analog systems in the absence of digital technologies, Sgt. Maj. Cabell highlighted the power of pen and paper to accomplish the mission. This "Back to the Basics" emphasis was reiterated throughout the discussion.Several themes permeated the event, often accompanying answers to audience questions following the presentation. Soldiers were advised to be proactive, stay ahead of the game, and stay relevant. "I need the soldiers to make sure they take ownership of the finance and comptroller profession," Sgt. Maj. Cabell said, "to help us develop it and to move it in the right direction that's relevant to what the Army needs."