Directorate of Human Resources implements new program for military families
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CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea -- Every once in a while, there is a perfect marriage in need of an opportunity to grow, which creates a perfect synergy, such as the invention of the electric traffic light.

The scarcity of available federal positions reflects a need for military spouses and family members across the globe. So, how can they get the requisite experience to compete for these federal jobs? The opportunity to address this need and create an effective synergy comes from the Garrison's new Civilian Developmental Opportunity Program, also known as the CDOP.

The CDOP has a simple concept; its purpose is to assist 'Participants' to gain six months of experience to successfully compete for federal positions. They are paired with organizations serving as "Host Agencies" throughout the community, offering developmental opportunities specific to the needs of the participants. However, the CDOP is a not an employment program -- it is an unpaid program and does not guarantee an employment with the host agency.


After several discussions and meetings with spouses and family members on the lack of work experience for federal employment opportunities at Camp Humphreys, USAG Humphreys Commander Col. Mike Tremblay directed the Directorate of Human Resources team to develop a program to help with this issue. With that and the feedback and guidance from various stakeholders, the DHR developed the CDOP and recently launched the Garrison Command Policy #122.

"As we look to improve the quality of life on Humphreys," said Tremblay. "We wanted to expand family members the opportunities to advance in their chosen careers. That is why the Civilians Developmental Opportunity Program or CDOP is a fantastic addition to what is already available."


The DHR Workforce Development Branch will serve as the "Gatekeeper," of the program, providing participants resumes to host agencies for competitive selection. The host agencies will then review resumes, and contact those they have chosen to participate in the developmental opportunity process.

Upon selection, the participants will need to sign Memorandum of Agreements with the host agencies and participate in their designated projects for six months. They will also need to comply with all administrative and training requirements, such as background checks and Information Technology training and be registered with the Army Community Services (ACS) Volunteer Management Information System, or VMIS, to record their completed hours and to receive credit for their time and work.

"Getting assistance from ACS with the preparation of their resumes should be a first step for potential participants," said Lindsey Ejnik Hermann, Army Volunteer Corps coordinator. "Using VMIS to track their service provide participants with a downloadable Department of Army form as a record of service, which is especially important when applying for federal jobs."

Currently, there are several agencies offering developmental opportunities, including the Network Enterprise Center, Medical Command, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, Army Community Services and the Garrison Public Affairs Office. Participants can take part in various opportunities needed to fulfill their experience requirements.

"The Civilian Development Opportunity Program is going to be a great thing for military dependents at USAG Humphreys," said Cassi Friday, a volunteer for Hiring our Heroes Military Spouse Professional Network. "This program will allow family members to gain valuable Federal Government experience, enabling them to compete for higher level jobs. And will also help students gain necessary hours for degree completions.

"I am very grateful to the Garrison for implementing this program and I can't wait to hear all the success stories," she said.

For more information or questions, please call DHR Workforce Development DSN 757-2807 or 0503-337-2807.