REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- A computer engineer, traffic management specialist and heavy mobile equipment mechanic leader are among 10 Army Materiel Command employees who are being recognized as Employees of the Quarter for fourth quarter, fiscal 2019.The 10 employees represent the diverse array of professionals who work interdependently at AMC Headquarters and its major subordinate commands to provide equipment and supplies to ensure globally dominant land force capabilities. They were selected from among 190,000 AMC employees worldwide.AMC's Employee of the Quarter program recognizes employees who go above and beyond to make sacrifices, meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Moreover, they directly induce money-saving and perform lifesaving tasks for the Department of the Army, its warfighters and their families.The AMC Employee of the Quarter Board serves as the platform where supervisors within the command can acknowledge "the best of the best" in their employee line-up. The awardees are recognized with an honorary award signed by AMC Commanding General Gen. Gus Perna and a 4-Star note from Perna. They are also honored in a photo display at AMC headquarters that lists their achievements."Our AMC employees of the quarter represent the best among us, demonstrating our core values with dedication to accomplishing the mission," Perna said. "They set the standard and epitomize that an employee's proximity to the battlefield does not correlate to the significant impact of their efforts."The following employees are recognized as recipients of the Fourth Quarter, Fiscal Year 2019 AMC Top Employee of the Quarter award:* Jason Petesch, Budget Analyst, Headquarters, Army Materiel Command, for his willingness to take on additional responsibility. Petesch's analytical expertise and positive attitude were instrumental to ensure the successful closeout of AMC's operating budget.* Matthew Kunkel, Supervisory Contract Specialist, Army Contracting Command, for going above and beyond in illustrating selfless service, duty and commitment to increasing productivity while balancing and fostering a positive work environment.* Cameron Broadus, Logistic Management Specialist, Aviation and Missile Command, for his ability to lead efforts that produced and delivered monthly top 25 Sustainment Update Charts with 100 percent accuracy. Broadus' ability to analyze and provide comprehensive supply availability data to the item managers on a daily basis resulted in reducing non-mission capable-supply open orders by 7 percent and improving overall availability by 3.5 percent.* Christopher Mancuso, Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic Leader, Army Sustainment Command, for establishing a turn-in program that averaged a turn-in rate of two pieces of equipment per quarter, saved $15,000 in maintenance costs per quarter and reduced equipment down time by 50 percent.* Paul Carbin, Computer Engineer, Communications-Electronic Command, for single-handedly saving more than $1.5 million by designing, developing and implementing a method to migrate the Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical Terminal to Windows 10.* Jared Howard, Industrial Specialist, Joint Munitions Command, for exhibiting significant resourcefulness by proposing a way to repack 745,000 pounds of unserviceable trinitrotoluene to save the enterprise approximately $3.4 million at current TNT prices. He displayed great resourcefulness by discovering a way to increase pit throughput of grenades on the download line by changing the packing containers from drums to boxes.* Christopher Hudson, Traffic Management Specialist, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, for coordinating with rail industry to include AMTRAK, motor carriers, Department of Transportation, Forces Command, Military District of Washington and the White House Military Office to accomplish the mission of displaying military equipment at the Lincoln Memorial within one-day notice.* Thomas Skylis, Lead Logistics Management Specialist, Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, for analyzing and reviewing Fiscal Year 19 annual repair requirements to include a workload shift to Red River Army Depot, detailed Bill of Materials shared with the Defense Logistics Agency and the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Goodyear tire safety-of-use message effort.* Paviola Duri, Operations Research Systems Analyst, Security Assistance Command, for investigative studies involving the development and application of methodologies in pre-letter of request, case development, case execution and case closure. She enabled the enterprise to focus on case completion rates to attain Defense Security Cooperation Agency performance standards.* Jill Fahrion, Chemical Surety Specialist, Chemical Materials Activity, for ensuring personnel designated for access to chemical agent munitions and chemical exclusion areas were properly trained, cleared and briefed prior to inclusion on chemical duty position rosters and entry control rosters. This process allowed employees to become qualified four to six months faster.